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Love a Donor Week

Now in its sixth year, Love a Donor Week is a community-wide celebration to honor our alumni, parents and friends who support Carnegie Mellon. At events across campus, and in regional networks, students, alumni, faculty and staff come together to express their gratitude in a personal way by writing "thank you" notes to our donors for making annual gifts to the university. 

Love a Donor week also educates participants about the essential role giving plays in the life of a university. They learn that if we only had tuition income to fund operations, we’d be closing up shop about this time every year. But tuition is not all we have-we have donations! Your annual gifts help keep Carnegie Mellon alive and well.

Campus Event Schedule Click to expand

Monday, February 9, 2015
7:30-8 pm - Pittsburgh Network Meeting

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
7:30-8 pm - New York Metro Network Meeting

Monday, February 16, 2015
10 am-4 pm - Cohon University Center tabling, Wean Commons
10 am-1 pm - School of Computer Science tabling, Citadel Teaching Commons, 5th Floor GHC
11 am-1 pm Chi Epsilon meeting, CEE Lounge, Porter Hall
11 am-1 pm - Student, Faculty & Staff Donor Thank-You Lunch (by invitation only)
12:30-1:30 pm - Tepper tabling, Mellonhead Lobby, Posner Hall
2-3 pm - Sweepstakes/Buggy Alumni Association note writing (Location TBD)
5-6 pm - CIT First Year Advisory Board Meeting
6-7 pm - Kiltie Band rehearsal
7-8 pm - Student Athlete Advisory Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
10 am-4 pm - Cohon University Center tabling, Wean Common
12-1:30 pm - Heinz tabling, Hamburg Hall Foyer
12-1:30 pm - School of Drama tabling, Purnell Center
12:30-1:30 pm - Tepper tabling, Mellonhead Lobby, Posner Hall
4-6 pm - Heinz tabling, Hamburg Hall Foyer

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
10 am-4 pm - Cohon University Center tabling, Wean Common
10:30 am-12:30 pm - Dietrich College tabling, Baker Hall main entrance hallway
12-1:30 pm - School of Drama tabling, Purnell Center
12:30-1:30 pm - Tepper tabling, Mellonhead Lobby, Posner Hall
4:30-6:30 pm - ECE Tabling, Hamerschlag Hall 1107
Time TBD - Scotch'n'Soda Theatre meeting, S'n'S Office, 3rd Floor CUC

Thursday, February 19, 2015
10 am-4 pm - Cohon University Center tabling, Wean Common
10:30 am-12 pm - Chemistry Seminar, Doherty Hall 2302
12:30-1:30 pm - Tepper tabling, Mellonhead Lobby, Posner Hall
1-3 pm - College of Engineering tabling, Doherty Hall Lobby
1-3 pm - Mech-E tabling, Hamerschlag C-Level near MechE Cluster
1-3 pm - Dietrich College Tabling, Baker Hall main entrance hallway
1:30-2:30 pm - School of Music Convocation, Kresge Theatre, CFA
3-4 pm - CM Business Association meeting, Tepper 132
4:30-6 pm - Physics Department tabling, Wean Hall Faculty Lounge 
4:45-5:45 pm - BioSAC meeting, location TBD
5-6 pm - Career Peer Mentors meeting, CPDC Office
5-6 pm - EPP group meeting, BH126C
5-6 pm - Seattle Alumni Network Meeting
6-7 pm - ChemE tabling, Doherty Hall (Location TBD)
Time TBD - Houston Alumni Network Meeting

Friday, February 20, 2015
12:30-1:30 pm - Tepper tabling, Mellonhead Lobby, Posner Hall

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Time TBD - Boston Network Meeting

Saturday, February 28, 2015
11 am-12 pm - Atlanta Alumni Network Meeting

Why do members of the campus community give back? The reasons are as numerous as there are donors. Here's what some of them have to say:

[Undergraduate Research] - Janel (6 year staff -member) Click to expand

[The Humanities] - David (28 year faculty) Click to expand

The humanities are the heart of the matter.

[Tomorrow Path] - Tianchai (E'12) Click to expand

As energy technology is currently booming and this field is quite new for CMU interdisciplinary program, I wishes I could support its growth and strengthen its development.

[Providing an Opportunity] - Jeffery (E'99) Click to expand

I would not have had the chance to attend Carnegie Mellon University without the gracious scholarship I received and I want to give back and allow others that opportunity.

[Chemical Engineering] - Dennis (40 year faculty) Click to expand

I have served on the faculty of this department for 40 years.

[Life-Long Learning & Relationships] - Laurie (S'85) Click to expand


[Sharing Information] - Brittany (HS'08) Click to expand

The Tartan was vital to me as a student. Now as a professional journalist, I use the experience I got as a Tartan editor on a regular basis.

[Design] - Pauline (A'87) Click to expand

Design matters, a lot.

[The Work] - Inti (E'11) Click to expand

CMU changed my life, I am sure my rather small contribution will help to change other's too.

[Finding Balance] - Jennifer (12 year staff member) Click to expand

I think the University Center expansion is a great way for the University to send the message that finding balance is central to life. I'm glad that I'm able to specify that my donation be used on this project.

[Students] - Jiangang (P:DC'15)

[Physics] - Chaya (P:CS'15, 18) Click to expand

Physics Education is an area dear to my heart; Prof Kunaal Ghosh was a PHENOMENAL freshman advisor for my son. Physics tends to be less glamorous and therefore less funded than Computer Science, where both my kids are/will get their degrees. I just want to say CMU has given my oldest an outstanding education. I am sure I will say the same for my second child.

[Psychology/Drama] - Jean (HS'84, '87) Click to expand

I received my Masters and PhD in Psychology (Cognitive) and have drawn on what I learned inside and outside of the course all my life. The faculty were all fantastic and my fellow grad students made it all brilliant fun as well as hard work. I also spent many hours enjoying the theatre productions, especially since my housemate was a drama major and has gone on to do wonderful work in theatre design around the world. Science and Arts are both vital to life!

[Scholarships for African American Females] - Charlene (HS'88) Click to expand

My heart is to help women be educated and success in a highly competitive workplace. In my senior year, my father died, and as a result, my high school counselor told me about a scholarship for girls of deceased fathers. I got the scholarship, and it made a difference in my ability to persevere and finish school. I want this gift to help someone persevere and finish what she started.

[Materials Science] - Seoyong (E'98, '02) Click to expand

CMU was where I learned how to work on Materials Science which I chose as the first specialty in my life. And, I am still working on the material that I studied for my degree!

[Alice] - Mauricio (CS'98) Click to expand

The Alice project can help democratize computer science, making it accessible to a wider audience.

[My Children] - David (P:HS'09) Click to expand

My daughter received a top grade education and experience.

[The Arts] - James (IM'66) Click to expand

I am impressed with CMU's commitment to the arts as described on tony awards program.

[Security] - Chia-Jun (E'13) Click to expand

From MS23: I love INI and looking forward for a better INI!

[Scholarships] - Joseph (HS'97) Click to expand

I support the student scholarship fund at Carnegie Mellon because I would not have been able to attend CMU without the generous scholarship provided to me by the university!

[The Band Without Pants!] - Deanna (HS'98) Click to expand

I choose to support Kiltie Band because of all the activities I was involved with at CMU, I feel like it is the single one that completely encompasses everything CMU stands for -- lots of smart people doing something creative together just for the fun of it, plus of course the kilts and the nerdy cheers and the school spirit, and the fact that there are people in Kiltie Band from EVERY part of campus and every department, so you're not just a CS major or a Drama major or a History major, you're all just nerds in kilts playing school fight songs together.

[The Pursuit of Knowledge] - Lindsey (S'13) Click to expand

Many of my fellow students and friends could only come to CMU because they were on scholarship. I wish to give back to give future students the chance they need to succeed.

[Spirit Buggy] - Rossanne (P:E'15) Click to expand

This team has provided great mentors and leaders who have done so much to foster my son's own leadership and mentoring skills.

[The School of Computer Science] - Michael (CS'04) Click to expand

For the faculty and alums of the SCS who support, assist and encourage students to become the world's next great thinkers and leaders!

[Computers] - Ke (CS'02, '04) Click to expand

Computer science will be a crucial, crucial part of education in the coming years.

[The Work of Future Classes] - Zhong Liang (E'12) Click to expand

[Civil & Environmental Engineering] - Ann (E'12) Click to expand

[HCII] - Marc (P:DC'14) Click to expand

Our son chose CMU because of this program and was fortunate enough to be accepted. His experience in HCII was amazing. The work they do is important, inspiring and thought provoking. We appreciate the time and efforts put in by the faculty to offer the students an invaluable learning environment.

[The CS Lounge] - Chris (CS'99)

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