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Undergrad Giving - How Your Gift Counts

Do you know that this year it takes 496 CMU undergraduate alumni to move our giving rate by 1%? Last year, CMU had a rate of 16.5%, and it is below many of our peers. Your gift, along with the gifts of others, can make a difference and help increase our national ranking.

What is the Alumni Participation Rate?

(Your participation+Participation of other CMU undergrad alumni)/Number of Total Undergrad Alumni

This is NOT a measure of the total dollars given, but rather the total NUMBER of undergraduate alumni who give.


Why is the Alumni Participation Rate Important?

  • The alumni participation rate is the ONLY indicator of alumni satisfaction in U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings of colleges and universities.
  • Alumni Participation in giving increases the value of your degree. CMU's prestige and rankings affect how employers, admissions officers, prospective students and parents view the university. The greater the regard for Carnegie Mellon, the more valuable your own degree becomes.
  • Any gift, regardless of size, will have an important impact on the undergraduate alumni giving rate.

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