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You are one of more than 92,000 alumni in nearly 130 countries around the world who call Carnegie Mellon University their alma mater.

You’re the lifeblood of our global university community and hold the power to make a real difference with your giving—at any level.

During your time at CMU, you benefited from the generosity of others, and now is a perfect time to pay it forward. CMU depends on your support.

You may not be aware that:
  • Thousands of students benefit from gifts. In fact, more than 50% of undergrads receive financial aid.
  • Tuition covers only two-thirds of the cost of a CMU education.
  • We trail our peers. For every $1 in endowment funds that CMU has for its students, Caltech has $7.68. MIT has $9.96. And Stanford has $11.50.
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