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The Highlands Circle

In 2005, Carnegie Mellon created The Highlands Circle. This recognition society is for donors who contribute $1 million or more to the university over the course of their lifetimes or through their estates.  Membership in this most prestigious society includes more than 200 individuals, families, corporations and foundations.

Membership Honors and Opportunities

  • Welcome Packet — Eligible candidates who have confirmed that they wish to participate in the lifetime cumulative giving program will receive a letter of acknowledgement in a welcome packet.
  • Member Privacy — To ensure privacy, eligible candidates may specify degrees of anonymity and participation in the lifetime cumulative giving program. 
  • Membership Announcements — Membership lists and announcements may be included in select publications and university websites, as well as displayed in suitable venues.
  • Special Events and VIP Access — Based on specific circle membership, donors are invited to select regional events and receive first consideration for VIP opportunities on campus.
  • Great Works — Donors receive complimentary copies of books, music, and other materials produced by individuals of the Carnegie Mellon community through the Great Works program, an exclusive benefit for Highlands Circle members. 
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