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Undergraduate Alumni Networks Challenge

CMU is ranked among the top 25 universities by U.S. News & World Report, and we want to rise in the rankings. One factor influencing the rankings is the participation rate of undergraduate alumni who make a gift to the university. It’s considered a vote of confidence in the university and is the only measure of alumni satisfaction with the education they received.

Support Your Network!

The Undergraduate Alumni Networks Challenge has come to an end!

Congratulations to the winning networks who achieved 3% or more of their undergraduate alumni members making a gift between April 2-22:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Crew
  • Houston

They will each receive a financial prize for use by their network. We are happy to announce that in total, 1.2% of undergraduate alumni in the networks who were offered this Challenge made a gift to a wide array of CMU funds. These donors move us closer to achieving the university's 18% undergraduate alumni participation goal for this year. This support helps CMU continue to build its status in the rankings by various publications like U.S. News & World Reports.

AB Tech Alumni
40% of goal

Arizona Network
0% of goal

Atlanta Network
79.1% of goal

Austin Network
160.3% of goal

Boston Network
141.7% of goal

Buggy Alumni
64.6% of goal

Chicago Network
63.1% of goal

13.8% of goal

Crew Alumni
100% of goal

Dallas/Ft. Worth Network
74.8% of goal

Detroit Network
65.8% of goal

Greater Maryland Network
35.1% of goal

Houston Network
122.7% of goal

Kiltie Band Alumni
45.8% of goal

Los Angeles Network
30.8% of goal

New Jersey Network
40.3% of goal

New York Metro Network
59.7% of goal

Northeast Ohio Network
54.6% of goal

Philadelphia Network
56.3% of goal

Pittsburgh Network
38% of goal

Portland Network
43.1% of goal

San Diego Network
46.5% of goal

San Francisco Bay Area Network
30% of goal

Scotch'N'Soda Alumni
28.8% of goal

Seattle Network
50.6% of goal

South Florida Network
19.8% of goal

The Tartan Alumni
27.8% of goal

Washington, DC Network
46.7% of goal

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